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Be In The World

Travel with me

I've been an avid traveler my entire life. Early travels with my family to places like Russia and Zambia awakened a desire to see the beautiful landscapes of the world and the various ways humans inhabit them. My husband and I vowed to make travel a priority in our lives. We've had to be creative to keep that promise to one another and that motivation has taught us how to travel on a budget and open ourselves up to a variety of experiences.

In 2013 I lead my first yoga retreat to Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Since that time I've lead yoga retreats in St Lucia, Vermont, Vietnam, the Jersey shore, Belize, and Portugal. I've found beautiful, compelling places that were accessible to budget travelers. I've also worked to support locally-owned and environmentally-conscious businesses. My experience has taught me how to facilitate an immersion into an environment and a practice-- with a lot of room for self-direction. 

Let me support your travel 

I love working with yoga teachers who want to lead their own retreat but don't know where to start. I find out where you are in the world and where your students often come from so I can coordinate ease of travel. Together, we determine the environment that will best support your teaching, whether it's an isolated mountaintop or a fun and lively beach. We determine budgets, dates, and a marketing strategy. I've launched several yoga teachers into the world of leading retreats. I'd love to work with you!

Creating a variety of travel experiences

It can be challenging to figure out how to travel well on a budget or abiding a certain diet like veganism or eating gluten-free. I've worked with many clients over the years to create amazing experiences! Together, we figure out what you're looking for in your travel experience, your budget, your needs, and your comfort level.

Contact me to create an exciting itinerary for your travel!

Jim Hatzell 

yoga retreat attendee

My experience (on retreat with Maiga) greatly exceeded my expectations. The advertising was 100% accurate and the setting and organization of the week was top notch. I feel rejuvenated.

Paula Stephens

yoga retreat leader

Just thought I would give you my feedback on our experience (of leading a retreat you designed). The short version…. it was incredible! The food was fresh and healthy with lots of options. The rooms clean and beautiful. Thank you for your work in making this happen. It was really a great experience and helped me shift some of my thinking around my own ‘dharma’ and how I should be of service.

Leah Porvaznik

private travel client

What an amazing experience my husband and I had!  I had not travelled out of the country before, and we wanted to go to Central or South America for our honeymoon escape.  Maiga talked to us about what sort of experiences we were looking for; recommended hotels, beaches, tour guides, activities, and restaurants, stayed in our budget, and helped us make reservations.  She was thorough and communicative, even provided us with a flexible itinerary, and advice about documentation.  We would never have been able to book that trip without an insider traveler like Maiga.  She’s the best!